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Bank Short Sale

We are “Certified Distressed Property Experts” and we can help you with your situation.
If you owe more on your Colorado home or investment property than it's worth and can no longer afford the payments, you've got real options.

Have You Fallen on Hard Times?

Have you experienced a job loss, cut back in work hours, divorce, death or any other challenge that is hampering your ability to make your monthly payments?

It is IMPORTANT that you understand your options and consider a Loan Modification, Discuss and understand the Deed-in-Lieu with your Lender and talk to our "Certified Distressed Property Expert" regarding Real Estate Short Sales.

MOST importantly do not let the property go to FORECLOSURE. You will save your credit, if not your property.

Get a FREE copy of our book, The Complimentary Foreclosure Information Guide. This easy-to-understand, step-by-step instruction guide describes how banks operate in the negotiation process and also includes the tools and forms required to conduct a loan modification and how to short sell your home or investment property.

Here is an Explanation of a Bank Short Sale:

A short sale occurs when the mortgage lender agrees to take less than the full amount required to pay off existing loans in full because the outstanding loan balance is greater than the proceeds realized from the sale of the property.

The terms of the approval are almost always dictated by the mortgage lender. Most sellers and many agents assume any approval is a "good approval", which is often not the case.

If you're considering a real estate short sale there are things you need to know before speaking to your lender. Consulting with our "Certified Distressed Property Expert", M.A.R.S. compliant, licensed professional versed in short sales and the foreclosure process is a must.

Why Would My Mortgage Lender Accept Less Than Is Owed?

Knowing why your Mortgage lender does not want to foreclose on your home is crucial in the negotiating process. It's oftentimes much more expensive for the lender to simply foreclose on your property and sell it, then approving a short sale and pay all the associated sales costs.

Many lenders will negotiate short sale terms quite favorable to you, oftentimes allowing you to walk away for free and with zero future obligations and in some cases pay you a relocation fee.

A successful no cost short sale with zero future financial obligations can be possible if you work with an expert team to get it accomplished.

Will I Qualify For A Short Sale? Has Your Home's Market Value Dropped?

Whether you're doing a loan modification or short sale, hard comparable sales will be used to substantiate that your property is worth less than the unpaid balance owed the lender. We provide a comprehensive property value report designed to determine your properties 30, 60 and 90 day sales price value - the same info your lender will want. Contact Us and Get a Complimentary Home Valuation Report.

Is Your Mortgage Currently In Default or Are You Concerned That It Soon Will Be?

Mortgage lenders realize that many factors contribute to a potential default and many mortgage lenders are eager to head off future problems.

Mortgage Lenders no longer require that you be late on your payments, however you must be able to convince them with your hardship letter and financial records that you are concerned about your ability to continue making payments. Examples of Hardship letters are included in the "Complimentary Foreclosure Information Guide" contact us at 303-548-4300 to get your copy today.

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